assembly sequence


Locate the trailer with sufficient room to assemble the emitter assembly at the rear of the trailer and deploy the stabilising arms.

These are permanently fixed to the trailer with the forward ones hinging at the corners and held for transport just behind the towing point with spring loaded pins. The rear ones fold across the tailgate and are similarly fixed.

The arms have adjustable feet to level the rig on uneven ground.


Before disconnecting the vehicle  unstrap and remove the mast sections from the trailer


Insert the 2 forward masts (2.5 metres long) are into square steel tubes welded to the trailer floor.


The aft masts (4 metres long plus angled returns) are laid out horizontally behind the trailer and the base hinge bolted to the trailer. Winch 1 is then used to raise the aft masts one at a time.

Inserting Raingen masts


Winch one is then used to erect the aft masts one at a time and the base hinge bolted to the trailer.


Engage the pins on the aft masts into the catches on the forward masts.


The rear diagonal brace is then fixed.


The pair are now lowered together and the forward diagonal brace is fixed. The main mast is now connected between the tops of the aft masts with a 25mm throughbolt after using the winch to align the holes, and winch 2 connected to the top mast.

Main mast connected Raingen


Once bolted, Winch 2 is connected to the top mast.


The vertical structure is then finely maneuverable to assist in connecting the main emitter arms, the narrower field wire arms and the spectra stays which connect with quick release ‘T-ball’ inserts.

Connecting Raingen emitter arms

winching the Raingen


The Raingen can then be erected using both winches in any order to optimise the clearance of any obstruction.


The structure now fully erect and locked in place can be finely maneuvered closer to the edge of a steep slope or precipice to maximise the effect of updraft on the charged particles produced by the ionisation emitter. The stabilizing arms which would have been stowed once the Raingen is connected to the rowing vehicle, would then be redeployed before disconnection from the vehicle.

fully raised Raingen