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The company

Raingen is a wholly owned subsidiary of TheMcEvoy Family Trust (ABN 32 053 161 688)
The Company supplies ionisation based rainfall enhancement systems.

Raingen is a new trading name coined to mark the company’s decision to change its focus from being primarily an engineering services company supplying other business to being a direct supplier of rainfall enhancement systems to end users.

As “Wakeup Management Pty Ltd”, the company provided a suite of services from site acquisition, development documentation and approval, system design, procurement, fabrication, construction, systems integration, project management, commissioning, maintenance and deconstruction.

Some of these services were provided in house and others from industry partners and subcontractors assembled over decades in the construction services space.

The CEO, Jay Harrison, spent 20 years in services contracting, employing up to 150 people in NSW and ACT carrying out mainly large industrial and commercial projects. The company was involved in refurbishments of Australia Square and the 60 story MLC building for Lend Lease, the new Parliament House in Canberra, the conversions of the Powerhouse to a Museum and Mark Foys to the Court Complex, the maintenance of the Caltex oil terminal and the construction of several large retail malls.

He left the industry in 1999 to concentrate on high tech startups and property development. Jay was one of the founders of Amfac, a business which revolutionised the pharmacy industry computerising scripts and stock control as well as point of sale and accounts.



The business was sold to Dunn and Bradstreet for the immense value of the accumulated data of prescription histories & other pharmaceutical sales.

Another promising opportunity, “Ripplenet” which had developed a technology for retrofitting intelligent building control systems into existing buildings using the mains wiring as the communications network came to a more ignominious end when the american supplier ceased manufacturing the chip set the technology was based on. Can’t win them all.

Wakeup Management came into existence to manage properties developed by the Harrison Unit Trust. It became interested in rainfall enhancement when asked to report into the engineering functions of Australian Rain Corporation, then located in Adelaide, by its CEO Matt Handbury.

Jay worked for Australian Rain Technologies for over a year helping to rationalise the staffing and operating costs. At the end of 2010, the employment contract was terminated by ART, most amicably and Wakeup Management took over the procurement of equipment  and provision and project management  of all the engineering services for ART’s internal trials of a design for which it (ART) had the intellectual property rights.

Over the following years Wakeup Management undertook its own R&D program and after comparative testing of its novel designs and materials, it was agreed that ART would engage Wakeup to supply and construct its own designs, which evolved from time to time, and ART continued to run trials to measure the efficacy of Wakeup Managements designs.